Friday, 4 May 2007

Half way through second repeat!

Here is what I have done on my socks so far. DH took me yarn shopping in Columbus the other day and I got this fab yarn and another for next month. I love it!


Holly said...

Nice, and the stripe is enough to be attractive without taking away from the pattern.

marit said...

Beautiful yarn!

Paula said...

Hey Judy,
I live in Columbus. How funny to "meet" you here. Your socks are looking great.

busyJ said...

Paula - Are you going to the Knitters Mercantile event in June? I am planning on going on Sat. Who knows we might see each other. LOL

Paula said...

Hi Judy, I am enrolled in 5 classes so I will be there every day I think. Isn't Knitter's Mercantile one of the greatest places? I am a 5 minute walk from them so I am there all the time.