Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Just Goofin' Around

The mail lady brought this lovely girl to my door yesterday. I got the yarn from Mama Llama Knits again. This time the skein was reduced because it had small imperfections in it and she couldn't sell it full price. To tell you the truth, it only has very few and very small red flecks in it. Besides I love imperfections as they make things a little more interesting and as nothing is really perfect, I don't really get the idea behind "imperfection". It's either good or not... and this one is ALL good :)

So Anni, what do you have in store for us in June? Do you think this yarn will be appropriate for the pattern? Will we need more than one colour, striped or variegated yarn, etc.? Also, I was wondering. This club being monthly, don't you feel it will put too much stress on you? I mean, if you wanted to make it a less frequent thing to help you breathe, I would totally understand. You seem to be able to knit so fast and do so many things at once... I don't know how you do it, but I'm very thankful for it. Thank you for making this club happen, it's so much fun :)


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Anni said...

I love that yarn Audrey. It's gorgeous and I'd say it'd be perfect for the June socks. Which I'm frantically knitting away on now. I want to try to get the pattern finished typed up by Saturday. As I'll be e-mailing everyone while we're in NOrway. I like the challenge of a monthly thing. Keeps me on my toes.