Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Flying Start

Looks like we're off to a flying start. I'm so excited to see Linda's progress pics. Can't believe how quick you are!!!! It looks great toe up. And it's fun to see the pics of yarns people are planning to use and the modifications some of you want to try. Any changes you want to make, just go ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing all the different varieties you can come up with.

On the admin side, I've been e-mailing out some more patterns to those who got missed out of the original e-mail. Sorry!!! I really didn't mean to miss anyone out. I'll double check for June that I've got everyone's e-mail address listed and try to make a better job of it then.

I'll also try to get around to putting everyone's names alphabetically in the sidebar with links to your blogs/websites. The current 'contributors' list shows up automatically but itsn't alaphabetical. I'll also work out a system for regsitering when everyone's finished their socks for the monthly draw.

I'm feeling a lot better today. Thank you for all your good wishes. I can't believe how ill this abscess made me feel. I'm up and about today although I'm still feeling a bit weak, slightly sick and my tummy is still playing up because of the antibiotics. So I'm planning a relaxing day iwht some socks knitting. Cast on for some fair isle socks (new pattern) yesterday adn on the heel already. It's looking great.

Any questions about hte pattern let me know or post on here and someone else may get to you before I do. Anyone still missing the pattern e-mail me.

And have fun choosing your yarn and get knitting!


Alethea said...

Yup, I have a question.

I started working the large size (thank you thank you thank you for including that, btw), and as the pattern is charted, it seems to be m1, p1, k6, sl2kpsso, k6, m1, p2. Should the first two be switched (p1, m1, etc.,) putting all three purl stiches together and placeing the m1's at the join betwen purl and knit stiches? My symmetrical (symmetricists?) heart is rebelling...

Anni said...

Yep, you're right. There is a mistake in hte chart for the larger size. I'v posted a separate post re it after I read this. I'm so sorry. Swap the first two stitches of the chart for the larger size around.