Sunday, 13 May 2007

on the needles!

Thanks to the eurovision song contest (which Serbia won- not a bad choice) and Jim Carrey in "liar,liar", I got way past the gusset tonight(on the first sock, cuff down)- bad tv makes for good knitting-LOL!
I'm using Silja from Gjestal in a green colour. Photos later. Fun pattern to knit, easy enough to get a good flow, challenging enough as to not being boring. Have a nice Sunday:-)


Holly said...

Weren't there some fantastic voices? Even if the light play with most could give you a migraine. The crowd favorite at my house was Ukraine.
Turkey and Greece were voted thumbs down for tacky costumes.
And the Bulgarian drumming was terrific.

One of the few times that everyone here actually watches TV, let alone something together.

What a hoot!

I switched to a stockinette!sock for knitting!

Anni said...

I wouldn't be Norwegian if I didn't watch Eurovision. I was so disappointed when I realised NOrway didn't make the final though. I heard their song when I went home in February and it was brilliant. Wasn't too impressed with any of the songs last night andslept through the voting, with my knitting in my lap.

marit said...

Our favourite was Hungary- the busstoplady- and also those six young tenors-but who listens to us?LOL