Monday, 28 May 2007

Please Read

Hi everyone. How are you all doing with your May Socks? Ready to start the June sock yet?

At the moment I`m in Norway. As some of you already know my Grandfather passed away on Wednesday morning. It wasn`t totally unexpected as he has been quite ill for the last few months and has been gradually getting weaker and weaker. We had to quickly book tickets to get to Norway and arrived last night. We`re here for 10 days. Luckily it coincided with the girls` half term holiday this week so that made it a lot easier. The funeral is on Thursday but we`re staying until Wed 6th June as we decided to make a holiday of it.

The patterns for June are ready (there will be a toe up and top down version of the same pattern). The top down sock was finished an hour ago. And I started knitting the toe up sock last week but wasn`t happy with the yarn, it was too thick and heavy, so I`m starting again tonight with some of my own hand dyed merino 4ply, which is gorgeous to knit with.

So all I need to do is finish the toe up sock and get both socks photographed, which won`t be as easy in Norway as I`ve not got my fake legs to help me. But I`ll get it done anyway. Then I just need to make any alterations to the pattern if needed, add the photos. Then comes the time consuming bit - e-mailing it out. I`m hoping it`ll go better than last month.

And this is where the problem may arise and I will need to ask you all for your patience. As we`re on holiday I don`t want to spend half a day sending out e-mails so I`ll start e-mailing Friday evening probably and then try to get them all done but if I can`t and some of you get your pattern over the weekend I hope that`s okay. I`ll do my best though. I won`t be doing anything on Thursday as its the day of the funeral.

Also I may not be able to do pdf versions until I get home as I`ve not worked out if my Dad has a pdf writer programme or not yet. If he doesnt I`ll send out MS word versions and those who need pdf will get theirs on Thursday 7th. We`ll see how it all works out and if necessary I can always extend the deadline for the finished socks to be posted to be included in the June draw by a few days.

I know you`ll all be understanding and probably tell me not to worry about hte pattern till I get back home but I want to get them e-mailed out on time if I can.

The prize yarn for June will be some of my new hand dyed merino 4ply/fingering weight yarn.

I dyed some before we went away and there are pics on my blog. I`ve got more to dye when I get home. The plan is to have a go at selling my own handdyed yarn. It it takes off it will probably become a permanent venture and if it doesn`t take off then at least I`ve tried and had some fun. I love dyeing yarn and had great fun iwth it on Thursday and Friday when I should be getting ready and packing to go to Norway. I`m also knitting up both versions of the June sock iwth the new yarn too. And it`s fab to knit with. It`s the softest yarn I`ve ever knitted with. I`ll post pics of the prize skeins for June when I get home.

Off to update the finished list now. If you`ve finished your May socks get your pics up asap. I love seeing pics of all your fab socks. Its great to see how it knits up in different yarns etc.


marit said...

No problems, Anni,don't worry about the pattern, just take your time with your family, hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it, even though it is a sad occasion. At least we've got decent weather here now!

Holly said...

My sympathies with you and your family.
Not to worry about the delay. And if you need help, I am sure I am not the only one who could PDF the file for you.


Anonymous said...

Anni, Sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing. I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

sockaholic said...


Sorry to hear about your grandfather's death. Please don't worry about getting the pattern to us any special time. As long as we have 30 days to knit the socks the exact starting date doesn't matter.

aka Sockaholic

Put a Sock in it said...

Very sorry for your loss, Anni.

Concentrate on yourself and your family; Sockamania can wait.

Take care.

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

My condolences to you and your family. We understand and will be patient for your return. : )