Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Does this look right to you?

I started working on my sock on Sunday. I've decided to knit them toe-up and am reading the pattern from row 24 to 1 so that the sock will look the same as if it had been knitted top-down. After two repeats this is what the sock looks like:

Sockamania May Day sock pattern
Please click on the picture to make it bigger

I've compared my sock to other people's sock and am not sure if I'm doing it right. On my sock, the part where it is stockinette looks like a chevron. On others, it looks like a diamond shape. I can't see very well on the original pattern what Anni's looks like so I can't compare to hers.

I'm not entirely sure that I'm knitting it right or that the yarn looks good in that pattern. But I'll probably keep on knitting anyways... What should I do?

Valerie from Knitting in Pink


Anni said...

I love the yarn. Not sure about the whether the pattern looks right or not. Difficult to tell form photo. Have a look at Linda's entry as she's done them toe up. I'll see if I can get info from her on how she's done them.

Anni said...

Look two posts down the page at Linda's socks (with the garter stitch edge). They're done toe up. Click on the pic for a bigger pic and see if you can work it out how she's done it. I've got to go now but i'll be back later and see if I can help you more.

Linda said...

I did knit mine toe up but I just started at row 1. This means that my pattern would be upside down when compared with someone who knit them top down. (hope this makes sense ;0) )

I think the pattern looks fine. I love the yarn and the way it's striping. :0)

Knitting in Pink said...

Thanks Linda, that is what I thought you did. I ripped out the sock to the toe and will be knitting it in plain stockinette. I think it will be better for that yarn. I will find another yarn and start the May Day pattern over just like you did. I thought it looked pretty good that way!