Friday, 4 May 2007

Advice needed!!

I ended up frogging my first two attempts :( The first was using 2.75mm needles for the largest size and came out far too big, plus the yarn was too dark. My second I started with another colour on 2.5mm needles, but the yarn pooled funny and then I noticed the errata!!

So, I usually knit plain socks on 2.5mm circs with 60sts and a tension of 7.5-8sts depending on yarn. Will I be ok with the smaller size, cos I measured my ankle and it's 8.25"? Even on smaller needles the bigger size was a bit baggy.

And what size needles should I use if my normal tension is the same on 2.5mm needles as the pattern states, I'd hate for my next sock to be so small. *hangs head in shame and embarrassment at lack of skill!!!* Plus I don't have any 2.75mm circs and I seem to have developed an inability to use dpns now.


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

I think you might be fine with the small size, especially if you prefer your socks snug.

I'm using 2.5mm needles to knit a slightly tighter gauge (about 7.5 st = 1") but am following the larger size chart. So far, it's fitting fine with an approx 7.75 to 8.25-inch circumference. I may decrease to the smaller size during the third pattern repeat to fit my thin ankle/foot better.

Holly said...

I went with the smaller size on 2,75 for the leg, then went down to 2,5mm on the heel and foot to make them a bit tighter there.

I should graft the toe on the first, and try it on, but I have a rhythm going on the second leg.

I also have three daughters who will happily take them off my hands if I am not happy with the fit on me (grin).


Christina said...

thanks. I think I'll have another go on the 2.5mm but with the bigger size then. Not keen on tight socks!! Still got to decide on a yarn now, as I cast on the scrolls pattern from more sensational socks with the yarn instead :)

Anni said...

I think you may be okay with the smaller size on 2.75mm. I find it sodifficult to advise on sizing as it depends on how much you're happy for the socks to stretch. The smaller size definitely doesn't fit my feet which are huge (ankles = 9in). I measured the size of the smaller sock on my 'model foot' which has an ankle circumference of 7in but have just checked it and the sock will stretch further.