Thursday, 1 November 2007

More Admin needed

Thank you to everyone who's e-mailed me with offers of help. I'm thrilled with your response. I've got all the volunteers I need now and those who've e-mailed me, I'll get back to you during today sometime and we'll sort out who is doing what etc. I'm having a Sockamania admin day today. Girls are out with thier grandparetns for the day (they're on halfterm holidays this week) and I've got all day to sort out Sockamania, apart from a Thanksgiving Service this afternoon for a lady in our church who passed away from cancer last week.

Patterns will be sent out this evening together with some more invites.

The popularity of this KAL has amazed me. When I started it in May I thought I might get 50 members eventually. Well, now we're about 220 members with over 30 more having asked to join for November. I enjoy doing this KAL. It's fantastic fun to see so many people knit my patterns, and it's so humbling that so many people want to join. I love it. But...., yes you knew there was a 'but' coming. It's time consuming and at the moment things are really taking off design wise and yarn dyeing wise and my time online has had to be reduced. I suffer from chronic neck/back pain which is quite severe and aggrevated by spending long periods on my laptop and there are so many things that need my attention when I have my 'computer time'.

Therefore I'm appealing for one or two volunteers to help me with the admin for this blog. You will get Admin privileges on this blog, as well as access to the Sockamania hotmail address and your job will be to help me reply to requests to join, add members to the blog/send out Blogger invites and help me add new members to the Hotmail mailing list. And when things go horribly wrong like when I sent out the October pattern, help me out by resending patterns to those who didn't get it, sort out problems, generally reply to e-mails. You won't be doing it on your own, I'll still be doing, but there are days when I don't get time to spend as much time as I need on Sockamania KAL admin stuff and I need someone else to cover for me on those days. We may set up a rota system. I'll still be responsible for the pattern designs and asking technical questions about the patterns and the Sockamania blog/KAL will remain my property/copyright.

If you fancy helping out you need lots of time(well a fair bit of time anyway) and some technical know-how (which I lack). If you already have a fairly good knowledge of Blogger and Hotmail then that'd be great.

I'd be more than happy to have a few people volunteer with responsibilities shared, ie someone could be responsible for adding new members to the blog, someone else keeping an eye on blog postings and editing the list of completed socks each month, someone dealing with technical questions etc.

If you're interested please e-mail me on to let me know how much time you could spare and which jobs you wouldn't mind doing.

Thank you very much for reading this and considering whether or not you can help out.

The November pattern is ready to go out but I've not had time yet to add new members to the blog or mailing list and after the problems of October's mailing, I'm going to have to check that everyone's actually on the mailing lists (I edited/reorganised them in time for the October mailing and I'm worried I may have 'lost' some members).

November pattern will hopefully be e-mailed out tomorrow, probably during the evening.

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uberstrickenfrau said...

Hey, I'm so sorry about the pain your experiancing! I hope your body will get some time to heal. Thank you so much for everything you do on this KAL, it's a hoot to be part of and thank you for hosting it!!!