Saturday, 3 November 2007

November pattern

November's pattern has now been sent out and I'm crossing everything I've got that there won't be the same problems i had last month. As I mentioned in your e-mails there are some changes happening to Sockamania at the moment. Mainly that I'm taking on some more Admin ladies to help me out. I'll announce who they are in a few days. There is a new e-mail address too ( Please use this one for your queries.

Any questions about the patterns please ask on the blog as there may be others who can give you the answer before I get itme to reply and others may have wondering about the same thing. Any errors please e-mail me. The pattern has been test knitted so I'm hoping it'll be error free but sometimes typost sneak in.

Don't forget you've got till November 10 to post picsof finished October socks.

Happy knitting everyone,



Barb W. said...

Anni: Is there a way you can set your blog so comments can be shown. If someone ask a question about a pattern on the blog, there is no way anyone would know unless they click on the comments section and read the message.

BeadKnitter said...

Oh, wow! Those are gorgeous!

nj2 said...

I like the one with all knitting best. I can hardly wait for my yarn to come so that I can get going. If it doesn't come soon, I will have to start with something I already have....

melcauble said...

Can you please contact me? My blog invitation has expired and I'd like to post my October socks. I've sent you several emails but haven't heard back from you. Everything OK?