Saturday, 3 November 2007

October Elegance

Well finally finished them. Lovely pattern which I will use again. Knitted in King Cole Merino Blend 4ply. Love the red because it makes the cables look like hearts! Difficult to photograph red wool though as the pattern is difficult to make out. Sorry about the rubbish home made coathanger blockers - it's my birthday this month and have been dropping enormous hints about sock blockers for weeks now!


Pixie said...

These look great and I love the colour, will have to look out for tha yarn :)
I hope you get your sock blockers for your birthday


Anna Marie said...

Your socks came beautiful. I started them and finished one sock, but I had to go into the hospital for bilateral hip replacement on October 19th and just got home from the hospital. I am hoping to be able to focus to finish the second sock so I can post it before the deadline. Even if I don't make the deadline, I just love the pattern and I know I will definitely be finishing these socks. Thanks Anni for the great pattern.

psalm127 said...

Love the deep red color. They look Great!!! I just got my sock blockers a few weeks ago, but had to get them myself. Hubby had no idea what I was talking about.

Lindsey said...

Those are great. I love that colour, you're right about the hearts! And nothing wrong with coat hanger blockers...that's how mine are photographed, too. :-) (not that I would object to getting some real ones as a pressie, of course!)