Friday, 2 November 2007

toe-up Elegance issue

I am working the toe-up version of Elegance and was unable to complete them by the end of the month... I've still got the cuffs to knit. Anyway I did notice a typo on the heel for the toe-up pattern at the area where you re-establish the knit 6 purl 3 rib pattern. My pattern reads WS- S1, p5, (k3, p6) x2, p3, k5 and should read k3, p5 after the x2... and RS- should read p3, k5 after the x2. Did anyone else find this typo? I LOVE the heel on this sock... exactly what heel style is this?

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Mamere Knits Too Much said...

ACK! no wonder i was having issues!!!! i kinda noticed but thought it was a design change. so my socks look kinda weird! i do like them tho :)